In this Tutorial, you will learn how to create groundbreaker Zombies!

The Great Ground Breaker How-To!


As promised, here is the how to for crating my latest version of ground breakers. As always, use this how-to at your own risk, I'm not responsible in any way or form for any harm or fatalities that may befall you while attempting this. Any likeness of the final result of this how-to to any celebrity or other persons is not intended and purely coincidental. That being said, lets jump right in!

First off, materials needed.

  • About 2 feet of ½ inch pvc pipe.
  • Roll of 'rebar tie wire' also known in some parts as 'bailing wire'
  • Box of BLACK cheap garbage bags. The cheap-o thin ones work best, black saves us trouble later on with painting.
  • A roll of ½ abs drip irrigation tubing. This stuff can be found at Home Depot or the like, and is pretty cheap. About 100ft for $10 in my area. You'll need about 20ft for a ground breaker.
  • And a skull. I have been using foam casts of a skull (as I shown in this thread here) But the Walgreens/ Biglots skull (the one I cast, also in linked thread) will work great. If you use a larger or smaller skull, you will need to adjust proportions to match.

Ok, so first off, lets cut out the parts needed. I cut one piece of abs to a length of about 28in., and then , cutting each shorter than the first, cut six more. This should leave you with seven pieces ranging from 28in to about 16in in size. Also, cut out one piece about 3 feet long and set it aside for now.

While we are cutting, cut your pvc pipe. It needs to be at least 2 feet long. Better to have this too long as you can trim it down later if need be. As a guide, mark on the pipe from one end about 2-3 inches (what will be stuck in the skull) another about 4 inches from that mark (the length of the neck) and another a foot from that mark (height of ribcage)

Cut off lengths of tie wire, double it over, and run it through each of the abs pieces, leaving a couple inches sticking out each end. Take the abs pieces and in order from smallest to largest, space them evenly apart between our 'ribcage' marks on the pvc pipe, and screw them on with a short drywall screw.

Now, Few living humans have perfect posture, so why would our corpse? Take your trusty heat gun, and use it to soften and bend the pvc spine. Give its back a somewhat believable curvature, don't worry if it isn't straight, or goes off to one side or the other. That is what gives these guys character.

You can use the following image as somewhat of a guide.

Your result should be something like this.