Ok, to business. The full sized zombie.

The goal here, like before, was to have a posable static prop for photography, and as a haunt prop. Also with this guy, I wanted him free standing, all or mostly all on his own.

I'd have to say now that its finished, that I am less pleased with this one that the last one. I feel that he came out a bit to big, or too big for his head and hands anyway. Also, I don't care for the way the shoulders turned out. That said, I am very happy with the effect and creepiness of this guy standing on his own in the yard, leering at the house.

So to begin.
For this guy to stand on his own, I knew that the flexible wire braid spine from the last one wouldn't work here. So he has a full pvc spine, cut an assembled that same way. Again I used the heat gun to heat and bend the pipe into the spinal curve shape. This is most important, not just for looks. Bending it this way changes his center of gravity to be over the legs once the ribcage is on, like it does with a human. If it where left straight, it would fall forward and never balance.

Also, I have to mention, for those who may not know about it, this web tool is great for calculating out the length of your pipe for the right proportions of a humanoid figure. Also has calculators for bat wings and spiders and other fun stuff. Bookmark it!

And the image of the spine.

And here is the completed frame. I used the same method for the arms here as I did the first guy, so nothing new there. I did basically the same with the legs, flattened pvc bolted together with lock washers. As you see, its got a good range of motion so far.

The the ribcage. After doing the first one, I felt was I did was overkill as most was not visible in the final result. So, instead on this guy, I made the basic shape with old 12/2 wire, and covered with chicken wire to support the plastic later.

Here is the shoulder blades. Twisted wire into the basic shape, filled in with duck tape. Ahhhhhh... duck tape. Ahem, anyhow...