Images in this category are created in Photoshop with a Wacom Pen & tablet. Photos of Props, scenes, exc, are taken as a reference for the paintings. If you are interested in posters or prints of any of these artworks, please see the DeviantART print shop under the Store tab.
Images of this category are created and rendered in 3D Software. For more 3D artwork and models, visit Orestes Graphics's homepage.
Photos taken of people or props, that might or might not be embellished in Photoshop.
Photos showing off the creations of Sytnathotep!
Zombies (28)
Trophies (41)
Here be tropies created for various local events in various sizes to cater to each event, Zombie tag, Scavenger hunt, exc.
Masks and costumes created by Syt for Haunts, or various events.
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