Welcome to the webpage of Sytnathotep Studios! Here be photos and videos of creepy creations by artist David Anderson.  Using commonly available or otherwise discard-able materials, David creates horrible props/sculptures for haunts and Halloween; much of which goes toward charity.  You will also find a large gallery of digital artworks created my David and available as prints. If you met David at a local event, please be sure to also check the Facebook links to the side to 'like' Sytnathotep's page for more up to date news. Thanks and enjoy!

 A lot of the stuff seen here is crafted with a true mastering of the 'medium' and strong artistic thought. Be it paper mache, melted plastic, or electronics, but would you consider it fine art? How much does a ground breaker really differ from a sculpture? Any thoughts on this?

I have been an active member of my local art community for years, being a Computer 3D Artist by trade and having been a more active painter in the past. Also considering that I live out in the country and never get ToT'ers to see the stuff I've been making, and the fact that I like to rock the establishment, , I've taken it upon myself to test this topic myself.

I have entered This groundbreaker into my local art leagues fall art show, as a Mixed Media/3D piece. It is a judged and awarded show, granted that there are enough other entries in that category. I will know tomorrow night after the judging and award ceremony how it all goes down.

Best part for me however, is that this fellow will be sitting in a gallery, open to the public on the town square, for the entire month of October, amazing and disgusting the local population. 

And here be some pics of the fellow.