Welcome to the webpage of Sytnathotep Studios! Here be photos and videos of creepy creations by artist David Anderson.  Using commonly available or otherwise discard-able materials, David creates horrible props/sculptures for haunts and Halloween; much of which goes toward charity.  You will also find a large gallery of digital artworks created my David and available as prints. If you met David at a local event, please be sure to also check the Facebook links to the side to 'like' Sytnathotep's page for more up to date news. Thanks and enjoy!


So I was on my way out of Ace Hardware today, and these caught my eye. I think they are meant for Xmas display, but for $7 for four, I had to try them out. The are battery operated, (AA's in the candle like a flashlight) and once turned on, stay on 8 hours and then shut off for 16. The got a creepy orange flicker LED in the flame like the tea sized ones do, but this one is like 3 times larger.. They come with a plastic candle holder, but the candle itself can come off and fit into any standard taper canderlibra! Dirty these up a bit, set them among some fat pvc ones, and I have a new mantle display! Huzzah!

I'm going to grab a few more, might be worth while to check out your local Ace Hardware for this gem! Never would have thought to find something like this there!