Welcome to the webpage of Sytnathotep Studios! Here be photos and videos of creepy creations by artist David Anderson.  Using commonly available or otherwise discard-able materials, David creates horrible props/sculptures for haunts and Halloween; much of which goes toward charity.  You will also find a large gallery of digital artworks created my David and available as prints. If you met David at a local event, please be sure to also check the Facebook links to the side to 'like' Sytnathotep's page for more up to date news. Thanks and enjoy!

This year, we were asked to decorate 'The Grotto'  for the after party of the local Halloween Parade.

The Grotto, a fine dining and dance club establishment, was the host of the after party for the 6th Annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl in Eureka Springs, AR. We decorated the dance room, except for the stage, which was done by DJ Testube, who spun the tones for the night.